What is live

blood analysis?

The most accurate and up to date way to determine your level of health to put you back in control of how you feel. A small amount of your blood is analysed under a powerful microscope to give you fast and accurate results and a complete picture of your overall health.

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See how your diet, lifestyle choices, stress, emotions and mindset are affecting your blood picture and overall health.

Your consultation includes:

o Live and dry blood microscopy analysis & personalised health         programme. 


Further transformational health and fitness coaching, counselling,

hypnotherapy, nutritional and psycho- emotional support are offered to suit your individual needs. 


Get involved in your own healthcare in meaningful ways to achieve real

benefits in your daily life, health, sleep and energy levels. 


Receive expert guidance, inspiration, motivation, tools and resources to support achieving and maintaining glowing health. 


Get the most from each day of your life and become healthier, happier and more passionately alive. 

How can

live blood analysis help me?



Free consultation to assess your health concerns and the effective and rapid solutions offered.

I have 8 x sessions available this week so please make sure you take the opportunity to change your life.

Outstanding practitioner 



"Bianca is an outstanding practitioner who is at the forefront of her profession. I have no hesitation in referring patients to her and know that they will be in safe hands." 


President of the Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) 


your life!

Increased energy and fitness levels

Take control of your health, weight and eating habits to maintain results long term
Better digestion, absorption and elimination of food
Stronger immune system
Reverse the clock, look and feel younger
Eliminate hormonal imbalances, cravings and hidden food allergies
Improved mood, memory and concentration





"Bianca did my blood test and analysis recently, something I had wanted to do for years. Not only was it completely painless, she was very professional, warm and considerate, and gently helped me to understand what my blood looked like, why in certain places it was as it was, and what I could do about it. It really is like having an MOT for the inside of the body, for its most vital organ - the blood system. I recommend having it done with Bianca. She is a very warm, kind, gentle soul. She genuinely loves to help people have a great life, and get to grips with their health.
It's rare to find somebody quite so personable yet very competent and genuinely interested in helping people heal, recharge and boost our performance for the long run. I highly recommend Bianca!" 

Co-General Manager - The Peace Foundation 

Please be aware that the services offered are those of a holistic nature and do not serve as a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment.

The therapist does not claim to cure or to diagnose any medical condition in the same regard as a physician, and recommendations do NOT constitute the medical advice of a doctor/physician.

Harvard Medical School trained, Fellow of the world renowned CMA and member of the Royal Society of Medicine, Bianca is widely considered as one of the UK's leading wellness, anti-ageing and mind-body experts. She is involved with cutting-edge research and committed to bringing you the most effective health solutions available today. You will enjoy discovering many new and exciting aspects of your lifestyle and learning how simple modifications can create profound changes. 

Bianca Madison-Vuleta is a highly qualified and certified Zest4Life Nutritional therapist and Health coach.